French Butter Dish



french butter dish, french butter crock,french butter bell
french butter dish, french butter crock,french butter bell

Französische Butterdosen von Töpferhand an der Töpferscheibe  gedreht. Hermans Keramik kreiert für sie diese Französischen Butterdosen. Keine harte Butter mehr. Ohne Kühlschrank, wassergekühlt , immer frische, weiche und streichfähige Butter, handgetöpfert, French butter dish made in Germany.


Good n' Buttery

French Butter Dish, Butter Crock and Butter Bell, or the old "Acadian Butter Dish"

Spread soft butter tightly into the lid…., fill approximately half of the bottom with water and add some salt, if you like…. The closed French Butter Dish will keep the butter fresh and spreadable - even outside the fridge! Outdoors in summer give some crushed ice into the water. Change water every 1-3 days. Fresh butter without refrigeration. The French Butter Dish Keeper is made of dishwasher-safe stoneware with 100% lead-free glazes and free of harmful substances.

updated: august 28th 2013

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